State consultant

“Pertinent advice means good and realistic solutions”

Public ergonomics

What could be more important than spotlighting your city and its public areas in order to attract people and make urban spaces more dynamic? Our experience as well as our organizational skills can be useful in order to leave nothing to chance. From strategical planning to clear signage, every detail is important to enable locals, professionals, tourists, etc. to leave with a 100% positive experience that will boost your future visits. As a public administrator, you must call upon an external person who will enable you to correct various “obstacles” on which the visitors of your city are likely to get stuck and/or lost or simply to have a feeling of disappointment.

Democratic reform

Certified by the DCAF in Geneva (Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance), we are able to offer our services of accompany states departments in the process of democratic reforms in period of stabilisation directly following a period of war and enabling a return to normalcy. It is essentially a question of supporting the justice system, the police and army in respecting the democratic principles, respect for citizens and the law, offering stability and security in general so that the economy can restart and democratic political principles can be respected.

Defence strategy

Organisation and safety

The experience accumulated over many years in Switzerland and abroad at all levels of command and in the fields of influence operations (info ops, psy ops, comm), non-lethal warfare, peace promotion operations, but also in all leadership operations at all levels offers an unparalleled vision and experience in all fields of military organisation and personnel security.

Weapon system

The choice of a weapon system is often complex due to the complexity of technologies, their integrations and interfacing, their security but also the relevance of their use. Interoperable military command systems must be integrated into joint and multinational environments, which makes interfacing and security more complex. The experience acquired over many years in both high-tech environments, IT security and military command systems, as well as radio and wireless telecommunications, positions Mupex as a privileged partner for consulting armed forces (military, police, etc.).