Corporate coaching

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“What is the most difficult? It is to make mentalities change! “


Mupex proposes management and follow-up to set up a system, a method, a counsel, recommendations following a consulting or audit mandate as well following training suggested in the training modules presented below. The follow-up aims at controlling whether the implementation of recommendations or whether the level of comprehension and assimilation of training has been an advantage or caused progress in the company. Coaching also gives a certain guarantee to the people who have been integrated in a new process or have lately been trained. It means that they can rely on a “consultant”. This will save invaluable time when organisational “innovations” are implemented.

Corporate coaching : Training modules

Mupex offers a certain number of training modules. This training is either given on an individual basis, or in groups of 4 to 16 people according to the topics and to the objectives of the targets. This training is given on the premises of the customer or in the form of 4-hour modules (per half-day or evening).

You can find all currently available training modules in the following pdf: Corporate coaching.

Many other training modules are also available, as well as “made to order” training. Please contact us for more information.

In addition to corporate coaching, we also offer personal coaching solutions to improve your company’s productivity and strive for excellence. This training (coaching) is aimed at the following people: Highly responsible people, General Managers, Executives.