Personal coaching

“I am successful and make the whole firm successful”


Mupex offers a personal programme of coaching in order to reach excellence! The firm manager, the manager or the senior manager who has reached his/her objectives in his/her firm, his/her department, can now aim for excellence. For that, he /she must go further in the development of his/her personal capacity. Thanks to the slogan “I am successful and make the whole firm successful”, he /she will optimize his/her personal skills, therefore his/her professional performance.


This training (coaching) is intended for:

  • People with high responsabilities,
  • General Managers,
  • Top executives.

Further information on personal coaching

For more detailed information such as the requirement and expectations met by the training, the process, the type of situation discussed, the benefits or even the programs and structures, please consult the following pdf: Personal coaching.

In addition to personal coaching, Mupex offers business coaching courses. These aim to help you achieve professional excellence in all areas with 12 different courses to choose from.