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mupex offers a personal programme of coaching in order to reach excellence! The firm manager, the manager or the senior manager who has reached his/her objectives in his/her firm, his/her department, can now aim for excellence. For that, he /she must go further in the development of his/her personal capacity. Thanks to the slogan "I am successful and make the whole firm successful, he /she will optimize his/her personal skills, therefore his/her professional performance.

This training (coaching) is intended for:

  • People with high responsibilities
  • General Managers
  • Top executives

It is an in-depth process of personal refinement which is directly connected with professional requirements and interferences.
This training (coaching) answers the new stakes of a firm:

  • according to the increasing pressures:
    • challenges, each year higher.;
    • always do better and more with fewer resources .including that of time;
    • of the ever more complex, competitive and brutal market; of the increasing number of influence networks . of the constant evolution of new technologies, globalisation, the high rise in the transmission speed of information; of the influence of the media; of the demands and volatility of clients.;
  • on the need to remain concentrated, coherent while giving significance to actions and plan follow-ups;
  • answers the stakes which concern the individual in general;
  • the pressures of professional life on a personal level;
  • the pressures of personal and family life on a professional level;
  • the pressures of modern life, its rhythms, its myths, its conflicts of values and generations according to the habits and the cultural environment;
  • personal organisational management:
    • time management
    • stress management

This training particularly answers the expectations and the stakes of a manager in order to:

  • be productive and efficient on the projects which have been defined;
  • to reach fixed objectives thanks to self-confidence;
  • to communicate in an enthusiastic way and promote envisaged projects;
  • to have the necessary empathy in order to make starting ideas lead to realistic projects;
  • to know how to identify quickly a dysfunction and make proposals
  • leading to a solution;
  • to be able to identify a risk and to anticipate the solution while giving alarm;
  • to be able to assert oneself and argue with various people.

The process of this training (coaching) is based on the following facts:

  • at the origin and the centre of the firm's success, there is always the human factor;
  • the long-lasting performance of a firm is primarily based on the frame of mind of his/her collaborators are;
  • this state is based on the most harmonious management possible of the life of each individual and particularly of leaders and decision
  • makers;
  • the permanence and growth of the firm necessarily involve collaborators who are:
    • self-disciplined, clear as to their identity;
    • dedicated to their mission;
    • able to follow a plan;
    • responsible people who show respect for themselves, the others and who get satisfaction.

Daily work will become a process with strong adaptability which can answer 3 types of situations:

  • urgency, according to:
    • the pace of work;
    • the reorganization of the firm;
    • stress, constant pressures;
  • growth, according to:
    • the vision to adjust;
    • the development of skills;
    • the optimization of performance;
  • anticipation, according to:
    • reorganization;
    • reorientation;
    • training.

The benefits for the firm will be:

  • a greater increase in productivity;
  • a release of energies in favour of initiative and innovation;
  • an increase in the permanence of results;
  • a transition from performance to excellence;
  • a guarantee of quality for services;
  • a reduction in absenteeism;
  • an increase in profits.

The personal benefits for managers and top executives will be:

  • the development of their identity, skills, specificities, resources, capacities and possibilities of improvement;
  • to be in harmony with their values, their convictions, their motivations and their missions;
  • to have been able to refine their positioning, to determine their involvement, their responsibility and their reliability. To understand their role and their position;
  • to be organised professionally and personally according to their time, their emotions and their relationships;
  • to have acquired coherence, serenity, results and power.

The core of the process works on the following points amongst others:

  • personal and professional identity;
  • ethics, convictions, values, coherence and a professional sense;
  • control of what is measurable, structural and which are part of the anticipation of the unforeseeable;
  • the increase in the potential to be built by the optimization of skills and performance;
  • integration of professional life into a balanced life.

The programme of the seminar (training / coaching) goes as follows:

  • Acquisition of information (1st module: 1 or 2 days):
    • Audit of the current situation.
    • Personal and professional identity.
    • Ethics, convictions, values, coherence, a personal and professional sense.
    • Skills, results, potential

The benefits for the firm will be:

  • Information processing (2nd module : 1 day) :
    • Identity, significance, values.
    • Control of what has been acquired.
    • Resources and constraints.
    • Analysis of professional management and of a balanced life!
  • Structuring, change and implementation (3rd module : 1 or 2 days) :
    • Realistic and measurable achievement strategy
    • Increase, optimize and build.
    • Improvement possibilities.
    • Evaluation and follow-up.

Structures of the modules

  • Custom-made, individual, seminars, outside the professional framework ;
  • From 3 to 5 days in duration for the whole 3 modules according to prior evaluation ;
  • high confidentiality ;
  • setting up of indicators, and follow-up.

This training (coaching) is a training period which:

  • creates value ;
  • adds excellence ;
  • enables you to obtain long-standing results;
  • brings solutions which are:
    • concrete ;
    • efficient ;
    • feasible ;
    • measurable.

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