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The constant improvement of companies due to changes in organisation and the upgrading of processes due to the partial or total renewing of information systems is a delicate business which is likely to be time consuming. Moreover, as the production tool of the company is modified, it is necessary to prepare well for this change, from the point of view of deadlines, training, organisation or production. Planning, internal and external communication, conception and selection of a contractor add to the daily tasks carried out by the internal and external teams of a company. And yet, these tasks, which are secondary at the beginning, quickly become priorities, especially when an organisational element, a process, an element in the information system etc. represents an important link in the production tool of the company. As a matter of fact, the reorganisation or the major migration and the daily management of a company or the exploitation of processes or of existing systems often cause an overload with work for your collaborators. As a consequence, it is difficult to carry out reorganisation operations, improvement and implementation or the renewing of information systems both serenely and in short time limits in a company.

The need for external assistance

Deadlines are important considering the evolution of the management system, the need for technological upgrading and the frenetic pace of competition as well as the evolution of the market in your trade. Considering the fixed deadlines due to the reorganisation of the company or to the deployment of technical teams, it is important to maintain the conception and decision phases in reasonable time limits because of the risk for the management to decide on a concept which is almost outdated or not adapted when implemented.

In such a situation, the external assistance offered by MupEx allows to take the following advantages:

  • To relieve internal teams of all or a part of additional tasks due to the reorganisation or the renewal of technical systems ;

  • To guarantee that the conception and decision processes occur keeping the deadline;

  • To bring the experience of similar projects carried out for other companies ;

  • To provide neutral and objective external expertise, to analyse the particular situation of the project or company objectively.

Whatever the nature of the project or the type of offers provided, MupEx will ensure a data transfer for the benefit of the internal team of the customer.

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The need for external assistance

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