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To provide consultant services

Our goal is to provide consultant services in strategy, organisation, in IT-Governance, carrying out audits, feasibility studies, assisting with the implementation of processes and also delegating skills in the fields of:

  • corporate governance (management of management) whether lucrative or not,  
  • management,
  • organisation and management of companies, whether lucrative or not,  
  • e-gouvernance.
  • IT-Governance (safety, information systems and telecommunications ...),

and also in all the related matters such as those concerning the techniques of coaching, marketing, law, communication, project and technology management.  


Excellent control of all techniques of modern management

As MupEx controls the best methods of modern management, corporate governance (management of management) whether lucrative or not, it will select the best facets from these methods to offer them to its customers, according to their needs, their trades, their corporate cultures, as well as their ability and their rate of adaptation to market trends without creating an upheaval in the management of the company.  

MupEx will offer its assistance for an efficient company to reach excellence!


Excellent control of organisation techniques

The control of organisation techniques, « change management», situational management and many other specific methods of organisation related to the trades of the customer can optimize but even more still enable him/her to reach excellence!   These cross-organisation methods set up a process guarantor whatever the number of processes and the managerial organisation of the company. MupEx assists the customer with the setting up of new organisations in order to reach excellence and to coach the members of the organisation.


Excellent control of technology (IT-Governance)

Even if MupEx 's reflection goes beyond technologies, they represent a substantial means of improving productivity and reach the objectives of your company without being the principal concern of the head of the company. For us, the economic viability of a process to be established in a company is as important as its technical feasibility.   The unique combination of our managerial, organisational, economic and technological skills makes us your ideal partner.  

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies, understanding the limits related to the products and services and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all the players of the market are the conditions which determine a good choice.   Our consultants combine an excellent training level with a proven practical experience.   Resorting to a methodology combined with a team which controls specificities peculiar to the fields of information technologies allows to understand the constraints and the implications related to various technologies from the conception of the project.

Our network

MupEx' s willingness to provide a complete and innovative service including first rate offers requires a tightly knit network of privileged relationships with the top business schools, professional associations and associations of standard designers who can offer complementary skills and/or services.

« An ethical company, close to its customers »
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Our network

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