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OUR COMPANY « an ethical company, close to its customers »

Mupex is domiciled in Lausanne.   Mupex was founded in April 2006. It is based on a code of ethics and an ethical charter ensuring respect in the relationships between customers < - > company, as well as between collaborators < - > company, all as stakeholders.


The core of the company is a limited company (currently in formation).   What distinguishes Mupex from all the standard limited companies is that it is based on the values known in service clubs.   Our slogan « We serve » means that the company, its collaborators and partners alike serve the company as the customers of the company i.e. respecting the concept of stakeholder.   The customer, as a stakeholder, is at the centre of concern of Mupex and its collaborators.   Mupex operates with a knowledge database, a knowledge network based on an ethical contract between the customer and the company. MupEx 's objective is to offer a very high level of skills.  

« An ethical company, close to its customers »

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