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Relationship with corporate policy

Our information policy is based on the principles of our corporate policy.   MupEx wants to maintain a spirit of understanding and confidence between a company, its collaborators and its customers.

Information is a fundamental need for humans

Our company recognizes the need for information and for communication as fundamental data for humans and our society.

Internal and external information  

We wish fast, open information, comprehensible to all.   We make a difference between internal and external information.

Internal information, which concerns collaborators, must allow the enhanced running of our company and enhanced motivation.   We think that good information allows better work.   We are also aware of the influence that each collaborator can exert on the image of the company.   Access to internal information is open to each collaborator via groupware (knowledge database) where all information and documents are registered.   In complement, an information e-mail is sent to each collaborator once a month.

External information must allow to better locate the activity of our company in the environment of economy, technologies, as well as the social and political environment

Internal information and external information must be coordinated. In general, internal information is done before external information.

Exact information

To ensure the exactness of information, the management of the company usually writes the information project and conveys it through the suitable channels.

Information according to the recipients

For information to be perfectly understood, it is written in a more or less elaborated way according to the subject and to the public for which it is intended.

Information limit

The vital interests of the company imply some limit to information.      We do not diffuse information when:

  • received confidentially from a third party or in the interest of a third party,
  • personal except if the person concerned has given consent expressly about its diffusion,
  • this could be detrimental to our company.

If necessary, we explain why such information cannot be given.

Organisation of information

The decision concerning information is the Management's.   In precise cases, it can delegate information to a specific collaborator.  

« Information as a fundamental need in humans »
Internal and External info

Exact information

Info according to the recipients

Information limit

Organisation of information

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