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Business plan

You have an excellent idea for the development of a new product or a new service but you are not sure about the economic viability of your idea.   We help you to determine the potential of your product or service as well as the risks and the associated constraints.   Our services include:  

  • evaluation of the technical options and associated risks,
  • interpretation of information from market studies,
  • analysis of the environment, industry and competition,
  • preparation of the financial aspects of your project.  

Corporate image

Mupex will first carry out an audit of the image of the company on the market and/or will evaluate the impact of a department, of a product or of a service on consumers and potential customers.

After the audit, Mupex will be able to propose various means to improve the image of the company on the market by restructuring « marketing strategy », by new advertising media/vectors, by revamping corporate image.  

« a good corporate image brings a great competitive advantage »

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