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Risk analysis

What do we really mean by risk? A definition would be "the probability for an unfavourable event, a danger or damage to occur, and its potential impact". It is a huge challenge to evaluate risks and decide on the best way. It is difficult to evaluate all the aspects of a risk or to foresee all the consequences due to a management measure; there will always be a certain degree of uncertainty. Risk analysis is a systematic way of evaluating risks, of showing their complexity and of tackling uncertainties or a lack of knowledge (being transparent at the same time). Thus, decision-making and communication regarding this risk are facilitated. Risk analysis is conducted in three steps:

  • risk evaluation
  • risk management
  • risk communication.

mupex brings its experience to the company in this field .

Change Management

In a company, nobody upsets his practices spontaneously.   Change is lived as a threat or a reassessment. What are the solutions to overcome reluctance?

« What is the most difficult? It is to make mentalities change, to pass from a product culture to a culture which is customer-oriented ».

On the principle, nobody doubts the need for change to conquer market shares, to catch up, or simply to remain at the top.   It is necessary to convince the principal players of change, collaborators of its validity.

MupEx is close to you to help you go through these stages while showing, that in the end, change is more a word than a reality because changes occur in a natural way.

Situational management

To emphasize the process of development of clearness, of motivation, delegation and joint responsibility in a team, it will be necessary to specify functions through meetings.   The first step will be to avoid "one man shows "!   The second will have to deal with the diffusion of information and active participation.

With this intention, we will establish two principles:

  • The first principle
    The first principle is the separation of roles and that no member of the team can hold more than one role in addition to that of being an active participative agent during a meeting.
  • The second principle
    The second principle, under the terms of the principle of the separation of the roles, and except for the representative of Management, for all the other roles, there will have to be a rota system between the members of a team.

That means that from one meeting to another the various members of a team will have to hold a different role. Each one in his/her turn will hold all the roles.

Strategic plan

The strategic plan includes the principal elements of the working plan scheme of a company, an organisation, an association, for the next years (3 to 5 years, in theory), according to a four-year, five-year plan, etc of a corporate vision.

A triennial plan, for example, presents the mission and the vision as well as the context from which the great stakes and the challenges to be encountered.

It will also include the intervention strategies and also the main directions to follow, with the axes of intervention which specify the approach intended by corporate government.

Lastly, in order to implement these trends, corporate government has set a certain number of objectives. Each objective will have indicators which will measure the results reached.

The implementation of the strategic plan is based on the achievement of the activities registered in the action plan of each management of the company. This plan must be communicated, known by all the collaborators and they must adhere to it.

Business plan

You have an excellent idea for the development of a new product or a new service but you are not sure about the economic viability of your idea.   We help you determine the potential of your product or service, as well as the risks and the associated constraints.   Our services include:

  • The evaluation of the technical options and the associated risks,
  • The interpretation of information from market studies,
  • The analysis of the environment, industry and competition,
  • The preparation of the financial aspects of your project.

Technological Master Plan (IT-Governance )

You need a master plan which describes how your organisation and its IT infrastructure will change over the next years.   This plan must be sufficiently open to adapt to new needs while providing guidelines and precise standards.   Moreover, it facilitates budgeting owing to the fact that long-term objectives are divided into small projects which are easier to manage.   Our services include:

  • analysis of the existing organisation or the inventory of its current IT infrastructure
  • evaluation of new needs,
  • evaluation of the possible methods or technologies,
  • evolution strategy,
  • concepts and action plan.
« MupEx is close to you to help you go through these stages while showing »
Risk analysis

Change management

Situational management

Strategic plan

business plan


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