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IT-Governance is a concept which emerged suddenly and has become an important issue in the field of information technologies.   When this new challenge began, the term was unknown but it is now the centre of discussion in most organisations. Now, most companies and government agencies have started with the execution of IT-Governance to merge business (core business) with participation and the necessary involvement of Management (corporate governance).   In short, CIOs (Chief Information Officers) also refer to it as an important management priority in corporate management.

IT-Governance is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.   It is an integral part of corporate governance including the control and the structures of the organisation and the processes which ensure that IT supports and extends the strategy and the objectives of the organisation.

lT Governance is the organisation capacity exerted by the Board of Directors, Management and Executive Committee in order to direct development and to manage the implementation of IT strategy. Doing so, IT governance ensures the interaction of the business processes (business) with IT.

A strong technological infrastructure based on the processes of corporate management

The information systems have become the heart of critical processes within your company.   Our analysis, audit, and adaptation methods of your information systems enable you to benefit from your technological infrastructure in terms of:  

  • Economic advantage:
    you do not pay for useless capacities and protect your current investments,
  • Availability:
    your business is not stopped when equipment is missing,
  • Flexibility:
    your information systems change according to your activity and its needs,
  • Security:
    we find all the vulnerabilities before any one else discovers them.
  • Functionalities:
    your information systems meet the needs of its users and not those of its designers.  
  • Performance:
    your pace is not dictated by the response time of your information systems.   The communication processes within your company give the direction to the technique and not the reverse.

Fields of skills in which MupEx offers its expertise


  • Risk analysis  
  • Security policy
  • Awareness
  • Analysis of security devices



  • Planning of the project  
  • Analysis of what exists  
  • Elaboration of specifications  
  • Evaluation of offers and selection of the most suitable supplier
  • Management and project follow-up


SLA (Services Level Agreement)

  • Based on ITIL methods
  • Adapted to the trade
« IT-Governance,
a strategic advantage of the organisation »
A strong technological infrastructure

Economic advantage






Fields of skills

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