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The model governance of public administrations is strongly related to its leading political players who use this model to work towards a political end and influence other institutions or organisations.   It is necessary to pay attention to the study of external influences and to the impact of these external influences on this model of Corporate Governance of the « new public management ». These external components can be human/society as stakeholders or technological.  

The impacts of external components on this model are for example:

  • Impact of « Stakeholders » in a model of Corporate Governance:
    Corporate Governance was « invented » to protect the interests of shareholders.   It is very easy to extrapolate and extend this « protection » to all ("stakeholders") because the interest of partners, suppliers, customers, etc. can easily be shown.   That is the reason why the impact of « Stakeholders » can be important according to the decisions to take, and this impact must be taken into account in the model of governance;
  • Impact of technologies on Corporate Governance:
    holding information was synonymous with power.   The control of information technologies, of the techniques of communication, of knowledge management), etc have a very important impact in the decision-making process, as well as in holding power; 
  • Future of Corporate Governance or « towards Cyber governance »:  
    owing to the importance of technologies on the decision-making process, it would be possible to consider a model of Cyber governance which takes into account the opinion of « Stakeholders » by consultation through electronic votes via the Internet or via« forums of discussions ». That is equivalent to an opinion poll.

These are the principal factors and/or players who will have a direct impact on the mode of governance, i.e. which will influence the decision-making process even before any analysis has begun.

Thanks to its experience, MupEx becomes a partner who can manage managers, heads of departments, as the politicians of the public administrations. MupEx can bring them to reflect on the situation in order to have an overview of it, to focus on the common interests and the goals which must be reached by the civil service institutions and avoid blunders which are too often the focus of media attention in this field.

« mupex becomes the partner of new public management »
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