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Strongly influenced by the Enron case in the United States at the beginning of 2000, « corporate governance » has de facto become the leitmotiv of companies in the USA as well in Europe. This management of management wants to offer the shareholders as well as the stakeholders of the company a kind of transparency in the management of the company.

The quality of managers, their careers and their experience but also their entourage (family, friends) and their advisers has an important influence on the system of governance of the company.   Thanks to the skills they bring, this system of governance becomes a system in its own right, as the graph shows it below:  


Owing to their experience, MupEx's consultants become major elements as partners for the manager of a company.   They can sometimes be the training ground for the manager and sometimes manage him and urge him to think so he can have an overview of the situation, focus on the goals set in the strategic plan and avoid blunders which could be harmful to the company.

« mupex, the company manager's partner »

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