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Internal and external communication could go in the following directions, for example:  

Objectives of internal communication

Internal communication aims at informing, reassuring collaborators on the current situation present, justifying and giving confidence in the action taken by the Managing team.

Its principal objectives are:

  • to develop awareness in collaborators;
  • to create transparency, understanding and confidence towards the hierarchy;
  • to develop a feeling of identity;
  • to inform in an exhaustive, motivating and honest way.

Objectives of external communication

External communication aims at developing awareness regarding the needs and expectations of customers; as well as all stakeholders, to create transparency, understanding and confidence, to develop the feeling of identity in customers with the product, the service bought, to influence the players dealing with public opinion, to inform in an exhaustive, motivating and honest way. It also aims at coping skilfully with disinformation.

Its principal objectives are:

  • · For its customers and stakeholders:
    o to give transparent information;
    o to inform on a daily basis;
    o to communicate on new developments.
  • · For competitors:
    o demonstration of the abilities of the company;
    o long-term progression.

mupex is able to contribute to the setting up of the concepts of internal or external corporate communication like external of company. In addition, Mupex also offers its customers the control of the concepts and policies of communication, as well as regular tests (simulations), training in communication, the training of new collaborators, etc.   Mupex manages its customers as regards communication providing a method for analysing risks.

« 98% of problems are due to bad communication »
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