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In the associative world, several elements like the role of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, of the executive committee; voluntary players and salaried players alike, key stations such as President, Managing Director or Company Secretary have a direct influence on the holding of power in an association.

The responsibility for the strategic choices comes within the competence of the General Assembly and their implementation is achieved by the Executive Committee who is assisted by, the technical committee of permanent members of the Executive Committee on the operational level. The dominant players (more than the General Assembly and the Executive Committee) of the strategic core who are generally members of the Executive Committee and of the permanent members of the Management determine the vision for the future of the association and the direction to follow.

In this framework, the voluntary and permanent players who are associated to the development of the project build a step-by-step system of government.

Owing to its experience, MupEx is the ideal partner to manage the managers of large associations and give an insight into the situation to enable them to have an overview of the situation and avoid mixing various interests according to the people involved.

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